Our 13mth old Labrador Ruby underwent knee surgery in September and recovered well. Unfortunately eight weeks later she had to have her other knee done. 12 days later and still not weight bearing on her left leg our vet advised us to see Tim Norris.

Tim came to our house and used massage, heat and laser treatments. He was very gentle and responsive to Ruby’s needs. The next day Ruby started to weight bear on standing and occasionally walk on her leg. Using daily massage techniques that Tim taught us Ruby has improved each day and after seven days is standing/walking on all four legs all of the time.

After yesterdays second treatment session, which also involved acupuncture, Ruby has woken full of energy and ready to go for her first short walk today. Tim has taught us a couple of gentle movement exercises to do daily and we look forward to our next visit in one week.

Tims expertise, skills and knowledge in dog rehabilitation is amazing and I would recommend Tim to any one in need of his services.