What happens at one end of the lead will naturally affect what happens at the other. For example when we are stressed or anxious, that can transfer down the lead to our dog and potentially cause changes in behaviour and set up inappropriate responses to other dogs and this in turn could lead to serious behavioural issues.

It’s crucial to be aware of our own selves and our own behaviour at our end of the lead as a happy and healthy owner will generally mean a happy and healthy dog.

A great deal of attention is often paid to our furry companions and their health and wellbeing. What about the health and wellbeing of the ones who feed and walk them, and give them love?

At Both Ends Of The Lead, we believe in giving equal attention to the health and wellbeing of both the dogs and their owners, hence our name!

In addition to our canine services, we also offer coaching services to their human counterparts which is YOU.

Mimi Fong is a qualified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master in Time Line Therapy®, and Master Hypnotherapist.

Have you ever considered coaching or do you know what coaching is?

  •  Are you lacking motivation or direction? Does this impact on what you want to achieve with your dog?
  • Are you feeling stressed and at times out of control? Does this affect your relationship with your dog?
  • Feeling powerless or overwhelmed in your current situation? Have you run out of ideas on how to change the things you are not satisfied with?
  • Do you feel frustrated when you do not achieve what you believe you and your dog are capable of?

If you answered yes to any or more than one of the above, then we would encourage you to speak to Mimi. She is so confident that she can help you, that if you choose to take her on as your coach, she will guarantee her work.

What is Coaching?

Coaching can be defined as a developmental on-going interaction between two people, the coach and the client which assists the client to develop their capabilities, achieve their goals and objectives, and produce successful results.

The NLP coach facilitates change through verbal and non-verbal communication (questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus, visualization, exercises etc). The NLP Coach promotes and supports their client’s growth, learning, professional development, and personal bench-marks.

Ask yourself a question –

  • Are you at cause or the effect of your life?
  • Do you take responsibility for all that has happened in your life or are you at the effect of everything that happens to you?

To be at cause means you can make choices in your life and you can choose what is right for you. The following techniques that Mimi use will assist you to be at the cause of your life so that you can have the life of your choosing.

So what are these techniques that Mimi uses to help you create positive change and what does it do for you?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming which is about learning how to effectively process and use language and communication in order to consistently achieve your desired goals and outcomes. These strategies and tools can be applied in both the business and personal context.

Time Line Therapy® is a form of active visualisation which is effective in removing limiting beliefs/decisions, as well as negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt which may be holding you back in life.

Hypnotherapy is about accessing your mind to bring about positive changes to help you achieve your desired results. For example, this can be used in a learning context, or eliminating unwanted habits.

Some background information about The NLP Model of Communication

A person experiences an external event which comes through their neurology.

As the information comes through your neurology, did you know that two million bits per second of information passes through? The brain however as the processing unit can only process 126 bits per second of information.

So how does this affect our daily perception of things? The truth is that we can’t possibly see the real event for what it truly is. The brain is not able to process that much information at a time and to add to that everyone perceives an event differently as it first passes through each person’s own five senses (sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste), and then is further filtered by the individual’s own beliefs, values and memories.  We delete, distort and generalize the information we receive. We then make an internal representation of that event and this is made up of six parts – picture, taste, sound, self-talk, feelings and smell. This creates our internal emotional state which affects how we feel about a person or situation which then determines our behaviour and in turn the results from our behaviour.

Therefore our every experience is something that we literally make up inside our own minds. Wouldn’t it be great therefore if we could change the way that we think so that we could have the outcomes that we want?

By using the various techniques proven to work, we are able to facilitate a change in a person that will help them create the life that they want.

What are Mimi’s qualifications, you may ask?

She is qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, having trained with the leading NLP company in the world.

She is a certified and registered member of

  • the American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
  • the Coaching Division of the ABNLP
  • the Time Line Therapy® Association, and
  • the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Most importantly though, she is passionate about what she does. She sees coaching as a collaborative effort. She believes in your potential to be the best that you can. Her goal is to facilitate positive change in your life, creating a life of your choosing which has a sense of purpose and direction, and enabling you to achieve your goals and objectives with lasting results.

About your Master Coach …

Mimi Fong

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Master Coach



Mimi is uniquely qualified in the areas of coaching, mentoring, and business and career counselling. Having commenced her career as a qualified lawyer, she embarked on a successful career over a decade as one of the leading international recruiters in the legal field. She is also a devoted dog owner. Mimi combines her love for these furry canine companions with her passion for helping people make positive changes in their life with lasting results. She is known for her honesty, openness, responsiveness, empathy and integrity. She takes a balanced practical and holistic approach, always keeping her client’s best interests at heart.

What others say about her …

Dear Friends,

As some of you know I took a leap of faith last year. I resigned from the corporate world and dived into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool. My goals are large and to achieve them, I required new resources and a new mind set. To get me across “the Gap” I decided to work with a NLP Coach.

I teamed up with Mimi Fong, Master Time Line Therapist and NLP Coach, based in Sydney Australia. Mimi suggested a Personal Breakthrough session. She assured me that within a few session, I could overcome any limiting beliefs about my abilities and then align my goals and energies so I could hit my targets sooner, than I thought possible.

Being in Sydney for a short time, I asked Mimi if it was possible to complete the Breakthrough Session in one day. I had to negotiate hard and commit to some tasks in advance, before she would agree. We made an agreement and I completed my tasks.

During my Breakthrough session Mimi, wouldn’t let me ‘off the hook’ on a number of topics, Mimi tactfully approached each subject until what I understand now, is “to have a Breakthrough”.

I wasn’t aware of the limitations I had placed on myself, and it wasn’t until working with Mimi I discovered how much my performance had been affected.

It’s now just a few weeks since the Breakthrough Session. In the past week alone I have signed up more new clients in my business than i had in the previous 3 months. Mimi said this Breakthrough Session would pay for itself. It already has.

I highly recommended Mimi Fong as an NLP Coach and Time Line Therapist.

Feel most welcome to contact me personally for a reference.

Thank you

Daniel Tolson

Your work as a NLP Practitioner has helped me cut the ties to parts of my life that I have allowed to hold me back. Looking towards the future now, I know that change has taken place. Letting go of things in the past allowed that change to happen. I am able now to get strength from my past that used to work against me. That experience was fantastic and I will continue to grow more empowered from it. The results are quick and now I am moving forward on a clear path with no roadblocks.

Thank you Mimi!

Nimkehns Blue

Working with Mimi was such fun!! Her innate ability to put me at ease as well as her skills and thoughtful and caring manner contributed to me developing more confidence and find a clearer focus and goal for my life. The gentle way she worked with me to release some unpleasant emotions from the past, means I face a more carefree future than previously. Thank you so much, Mimi.

Hilary Cook

Complimentary Coaching Session

If you successfully refer a coaching client to us, you will receive a complimentary one hour coaching session with us as our way of saying thank you. So please feel free to pass this on to as many people as you know or let others know about us! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Finally ….

We will leave you with the following thought –

Truly the best investment you can make right now is in yourself. You cannot put a price on it.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please contact Mimi either on +61 (0) 412 911 099 or email us at [email protected].